About Us

The Toy Box, voted Best Toy Store on the South Shore, is known for its outstanding selection of toys and learning activities. For 44 years we continue to be a trusted community resource to thousands of South Shore families.

As a parent of an active 11th grader, my focus is on learning, creative expression, and of course having a whole lot of fun. We only buy toys from trusted sources with strict safety testing, high play standards, and sound business practices.

Many parents, grandparents and other toy shoppers are surprised to learn that there is a whole world of engaging, unique, well-made toys they never see in the big, one-size-fits-all stores. They may not be the toys your kids bug you incessantly to get for them, but they are the ones kids will play with over and over again because they let kids make up the play themselves rather than have it scripted for them.

The Toy Box offers only the very best for your kids. 

Play well,

Julie Ritchie
The Toy Box